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Oct 06, 2020
11:00 pm - 12:00 am


Whether you are looking for manners, basics, intermediate, advanced, obedience, trick, off-leash, Companion Dog Training, Comfort Dog Training, Emotional Support Dog Training, Therapy Dog Training, Service Dog Training or Assistance Dog Training this is the place for you.

We will be working indoors for these classes. The 7:00pm group will be for Puppies & Beginners to 1 year of age (& *older by RLDT discretion only) & the 8:00pm group will be for dOgs aged usually 1 year and older w/Basic Training. Please note, the groups are OPEN to ALL breeds (mixed & pedigreed) and sizes. Our group classes are a step above the regular Puppy/Beginner/Novice & Adult/Intermediate/Advanced Group Classes offered elsewhere as they are personally run by AKC Approved Instructor//Evaluator Alice Marino and offer each puppy/dOg the opportunity to be tested for the above mentioned AKC Recognized Titles. Please note, you do NOT have to take the test to be in any of our Group Classes, it is completely optional.

All classes include socialization, obedience, lOve and participation during class as well as “pack” homework and follow AKC/CGC protocol. Proof of current vaccinations &/or titers are required and must be presented prior to start date as well as a clean fecal!
These MUST be emailed directly to alicethedogtrainer@gmail.com.