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Alice Marino
Holistic Certified Dog Trainer/Coach 30+ yrs

Heat Stroke!

Summer is here, and it’s HOT outside!

Hotter than some of us have ever experienced, especially our beloved dogs! If you and your best friend will be spending time outdoors, make sure that you watch your dog closely for signs of overheating and heat stroke.

Many people don’t even realize that their dog is overheating. That happy, long tongue is letting you know your dog is HOT! Heat stroke is a very real danger for your dog and will cause nausea, loss of consciousness, brain damage, and even death. So, make sure your dog has access to a nice, shady place to cool off, with plenty of fresh filtered water to keep him cool & hydrated.

When it’s really hot outside – even a casual walk can lead to heat stroke especially if your dog is brachycephalic (flat faced), older or out of shape. Keep your exercise routine to early morning or evenings when it’s cooler. NEVER leave your dog in your car during hot weather. Dogs left in cars, even with the window cracked open, can overheat very quickly during the summer.

Here’s how to recognize heat stroke in your pet. If your dog is suffering from heat stroke, he will be:

  • panting excessively
  • have redness around his eyes
  • show signs of weakness
  • irritability
  • may start vomiting
  • collapse

You can try to cool him down by giving him cool water to drink – not cold water. Cold water may make him vomit.

Try to sponge him down with a cool wet towel especially on the chest area, or soak him in a tub of cool water and keep a fan on him.

In extreme cases where your dog’s gums are grayish, his tongue is blue, or he is unconscious, call your veterinarian. Severe heat stroke is an emergency, and you may need to make a quick trip to the veterinarian or emergency clinic.


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