Alice offers One-on-One Personal Training in the privacy of your home as well as outdoors or via Live Virtual Training (aka ‘LVT”) for you and your dog(s). She offers a large variety of options, all of which are “personally” designed for your pack. Her Personal Training approach is what sets her apart from all the rest.

Alice incorporates her years of personal people knowledge and lifestyle adaptations as a “Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner” (Teachers College Columbia University) to empower you to integrate new skills and activities which lead to attaining new goals and the ability to guide your dog to a balanced life. The new found patience, persistence, determination and knowledge you will acquire with her skills will bring you to a place where we exist in harmony with our “best friends”.

The Initial Consultation is our first meeting (up to 3 hours) which takes place in your home or via “LVT” and includes the Consultation (time to talk everything dog), Evaluation (of your dog’s skills & yours), Nutrition overview (the good, the bad & the ugly truth about Canine Nutrition), Current Holistic Protocols available for vaccinations, flea, tick and heartworm (your vet should be advising you of) and the First Session (let’s get to work). Thereafter, you can select from various Programs such as “Simply the Basics” to “The Dream Dog” or a “Personalized Combo” specifically designed for your wants/needs. All scheduled sessions within a Program are 45-50 minutes, much of which is determined by your dog and the skill(s) being taught. All services are available throughout Staten Island, nearby Brooklyn, Manhattan & New Jersey. The remainder of the Tri-State area is serviced on a specific needs basis.
*Note; 90 minute sessions are available at an additional fee.

Personal Training Sessions are offered in all Programs. Some of the unwanted behaviors to unleash are jumping, nipping, chewing, pulling, lunging, growling, biting, barking, aggression, shyness, separation anxiety (SA) etc. Any individual problems you may have with your dog or pack will be assessed and addressed within these sessions.

Basic Manners/Obedience Training Sessions are offered and can include heel, sit, stay, down, come, watch, leave-it, drop-it and off. No and the release cue can also included in this program. Any age beyond 8 weeks is appropriate for this program.

Housebreaking Sessions are offered within all Programs at any age.

Puppy Kindergarten Sessions are offered in a 6 week Program. Puppies should be at least 8 weeks of age.

Socialization Techniques are offered within all Programs at any age.

Intermediate Obedience Training Sessions (Basic Obedience is a prerequisite) are offered and can include proofing, distraction, some basic off-leash, etc.

Advanced Obedience Training Sessions (Basic & Intermediate Obedience are a prerequisite) are offered and can include off-leash proofing with distraction, off-leash heeling, e-collar training for recall, etc.

Proper Baby Introductions are offered within all Programs at any age. This Program is highly recommended during the pregnancy, not thereafter. Of course, if you miss this during pregnancy, thereafter is an urgent necessity.

*This also makes a wonderful and useful gift for any expectant parents you know!


AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy/Beginner/Novice Classes are offered in a 6 week Program and are the prerequisite to AKC/CGC* Testing. These classes are for puppies up to 1 year of age, as well as beginners & novice.
*Please Note: If your dog is older that 1 year, you are welcome in the class but you are not eligible to receive the AKC STAR Puppy Recognition Status due to age only.

AKC/CGC* Adult/Intermediate/Advanced Training Classes are offered in a 6 week Program and include the AKC/CGC Test & all prep work for testing to follow. This class is for ages 8 months and older. There is no age limit to attend.

All Group Training Classes MUST be paid in full in advance of start date and there are NO refunds (partial or full).

*CGC denotes Canine Good Citizen under the AKC (American Kennel Club) guidelines for all dOgs of all breeds, pedigree or mixed breeds.


Please call 646.596.6706 for all pricing information. Some Programs are eligible for payment plans.

Please note: There is a 48 hour cancellation policy for ALL Initial Consultations. You will be responsible for the entire 3 hour Consultation fee if a 48 hour cancellation is not given. All sessions thereafter require a 24 hour cancellation policy notification. You will be responsible for the entire session fee if a 24 hour cancellation is not given. Certain emergencies may be forgiven at RufF lOve dOg traiNIng inC discretion policy if rescheduled within a timely manner. In addition, ALL paid unused Programs will expire according to our “Agreement”. Additionally, there are no refunds at all (partial or full) including “Group Training Classes”. By scheduling an appointment with RufF lOve dOg traiNIng inC you AGREE to the terms listed herein.

*Gift Certificates are available for all services.