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Private In-Home, Outdoor & Group Training available In-Person or Virtual  Staten Island NY & Beyond (646) 596-6706

Alice Marino
Holistic Certified Dog Trainer/Coach/Nutritionist/
Behavior Specialist & Educator 30+yrs

Summer Sun, Fun & Safety!

When it comes to the summer time heat and sunshine, make sure to follow some safety tips so your pet can join in the fun. 

Even if it’s only for 5-10 minutes, don’t leave your dog in your car, even with the windows cracked! Aside from being against the law in many states, even a few moments in the heat will turn your car into an oven! This can lead to dehydration, brain damage or even death, and even cracking the car window will not be enough to combat summer heat. You can see the chart in the “How Hot Do Cars Get?” article.

Often, dog owners will shave down their dogs during the summer time, thinking this will help keep them cool. But ironically, shaving down a dog inhibits their ability to deal with the temperature change! So keep your dogs well groomed by removing all their dead undercoat hair, but remember not to shave them down in order to help them tolerate the summer sun as your dog’s skin will also be at risk from the sun! Dogs that are shaved, have short white fur, or are hairless are most at risk of sun damage. Other areas of sensitivity are their noses and tips of their ears.

The blacktop street asphalt gets hot. Very hot! Walk your pet on the grass or on the sidewalk instead of on the street. Those hot black roads can hurt their paws. On days that your dog spends a lot of time outside, you’ll want to check the dog’s paws for sun damage and his fur for ticks. When checking for ticks, make sure you look under the tail, on their stomach, in their ears, under their armpits and between their toes and brush/comb their hair backwards for better visual inspection.

Some simple training and safety devices can ease your mind and protect your dog this summer. For example, make sure to give your dogs treats and praise, in order to positively reinforce being handled and having their fur and paws looked at and touched. Practice this often so that your dog likes being handled! You can also apply Musher’s Secret to their paw pads to keep them from coming in direct contact with hot surfaces. Last but certainly not least, always have plenty of filtered water available for your dog! This will ensure that they keep cool and hydrated, which in turn will keep them healthy and happy this summer.

*Note: Please contact me for all the non-toxic safe alternatives available for flea, tick & heartworm control vs.  dangerous neurotoxins which are usually prescribed by a conventional vet. They might not be aware of the new FDA warnings on these drugs regarding seizures and other dangerous side effects being reported!