5*****Stars Monica, Franco & Stark :) SI, NY

June 29, 2016

We have a Siberian Husky pup who was chewing on everything. I went nuts one afternoon when coming back from work, he had chewed on the TV cables and pulled them out of the wall. Mind to tell you, we ended up with a big hole in the wall and no TV. That same weekend, Alice was hosting her first dOggie bOOt cAmp session of 2016 and my husband and I, plus our lovely, if a bit energetic pup, attended. We decided to hire Alice on the spot and it has been the best decision since getting Stark. Alice is not only an excellent trainer, but she is also fun and caring and a great human being to be around. Over the course of almost 8 weeks (one consultation + 5 sessions), my husband and I learned to communicate better with Stark, to learn when it was only a tsumi (big energy moment) or if he was testing our limits. She taught us techniques to control his behavior positively, but firmly, and to establish a long-term bond with him. He knows very well all basic obedience commands and we will continue practicing them for a few months by ourselves. We plan to work with her again later in the year to continue strengthening Stark’s training. We are very happy with her work, the love she puts into it, and her commitment and passion for animals. We recommend Alice 100% and are grateful for her teachings.
Monica, Franco & Stark Adame ๐Ÿ™‚
June 2, 2016 ยท