Cathy S & GeeGee, Staten Island, NY

July 6, 2011

I will always be grateful…

I want to tell everyone how wonderful and how productive the sessions that you conduct at the park are. My rescue dog GeeGee has learned so much and I have also learned just as much. She was so timid and afraid of everything that moved. You have given her the socialization and confidence that I could not have given her if I had not met with you. The training you gave to us in the few short weeks that we attended is so valuable that it is hard to express how much I appreciate the patience and time you spend to help all of US new dog owners.My rescue GeeGee has come to understand that all humans are NOT her enemy, and your patience and understanding have brought her a long way up and out of her fears. I also appreciate the friendliness of YOU and the other owners to help my shy and timid dog to come out of her shell. She has loved every moment of her class and will continue to learn from the basics that you have taught her. Please continue to conduct these classes outdoors and in the friendly atmosphere that you create. I will always be grateful for your help in the training of my rescue dog. Thank you so much.