Cookie O’Neill, Staten Island, NY

July 1, 2011

Alice is the Female Cesar Millan!

Alice came into my pup Reilly’s life four months ago. Reilly was just a three month old border collie/Lab mix puppy bursting with energy, teething and crazy wild as could be. After attending the first Boot Camp session we decided, Reilly and I, would both benefit from some one on one lessons, Alice saw that due to my chronic Lymphodema of the right arm (breast cancer survivor, yea!) it was imperative that Reilly did not pull me around. After just one lesson he was, healing, sitting and behaving wonderfully! Very impressive, and his continued training has now brought him to the level where he is moving on to “Therapy Dog” training with “The Good Dog Foundation” We both start classes on the 18th of July and I know Alice is so proud of him. We could not have come this far in 4 short months without her. Of course we will continue to visit Boot Camp and also see Alice one on one for a little “Cute Tricks” training. Dog owners, just let me say this, a well behaved dog is a happy dog and Alice can help you learn to bring that about in your pup…..its never really the dog that is the problem, its usually us, and she can do wonders. Give her a try, she’s really amazing!