Chris & April Maniscalco SI, NY

April 5, 2015

New baby coming… “How will we become one pack and live as a family?”
We were referred to Alice by a few friends. We wanted to have the dogs trained after 4 years because we were having a baby. We have two Yorkies. A toy and a standard. Their names are Yankee and Yogi.

They basically had the run of the house. They were never sectioned off, never walked on a leash, the run of the mill so-called “house dogs.”  We knew the dogs and us needed an intervention. How will we become one pack and live as a family? Giving up the dogs was never an option and from all the reviews we knew Alice was the Trainer for the Job.

The first night Alice came we achieved getting both dogs leash trained and walking by the time she left. They do not use my kitchen chairs as fire hydrants anymore. We kept them on a routine of a half hour walk in the morning and again at night which is a total of 3 miles a day. Not only is that good for the dogs but it is good for me as well for my health.

My standard Yorkie named Yogi has attachment issues with me. We both worked with Alice on how to detach to a point where the dog respects my wife’s and my space. Before the baby was born that problem was settled.

We worked with Alice and used her protocol for getting the dogs ready for the baby was coming.

Our baby was born and we introduced the dogs to her. My toy Yorkie Yankee had no problem with her but Yogi, the one with the attachment issue had a little bit of an attitude and needed to be reminded that the baby needs to be respected and is above him so they can get along. As I stated in the beginning getting rid of either of the dogs was never an option! So we had Alice come in for one more training section. The smart Yogi was acting normal and like nothing was happening. It was like the baby wasn’t even there. Alice excused herself out of the room so the true issues showed themselves. Alice worked her magic and showed us what protocol to use on Yogi and he has been getting along with baby ever since. He knows the boundaries we want for him and knows we are one pack as a family.

I am so happy we chose Alice as our trainer and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a dog trainer especially when it is time to extend your family.  Dogs are part of peoples family and there should never be any conversation of getting rid of them because you are having a baby, or you cant handle them with the baby. People said to us that my dogs were too old to be trained, well the first thing Alice told us was no dog is ever to be to old to be trained and I am witness to that.

Thank you Alice for everything

the (whole) Maniscalco pack